Affiliate Resources

Thank you for helping us help smokers kick the habit! Below you will find ads, email templates, social media posts, videos and image ads to help you direct traffic through your personal affiliate link.


First we will go over the basics for all our affiliates who are just getting started.


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Sign up to be an affiliate of the Quit Forever System!

Earn $22 for the sale of a $29.40 product. That’s a 75% comission!
All you do is send your unique affiliate link to smokers that want to quit.

Step 1. Register as an affiliate of

Step 2. Search the marketplace for “Quit Forever System”

Step 3. Click “Promote” to receive your unique affiliate link. Copy that link.

Step 4. (Optional) Shrink that link with

Step 5. Send that link to all potential smokers you know or that you can find online.

For every sale that clicked through your unique link, you will receive a $22 commission. If you get Ten sales today that would be $220 in your bank account! If you keep it up every day that could be $80,300 a year! The best part is it’s totally free to get going!