The Secret to Quitting Smoking Forever has been Unlocked

There’s finally a way that’s guaranteed to put this behind you and stop smoking, REGARDLESS of if you lack the will power to do it on your own.

Introducing the New Foolproof Quit Smoking System


“It wasn’t because I couldn’t afford it. I couldn’t but that’s not why.

It wasn’t because of my health, even though I would cough up horrible yellow phlegm and couldn’t run a mile to save my life.

It was because my wife told me I had to quit, or she would leave me.”

I Tried Nicorette

I tried the patch. I tried mints. I tried it all but nothing worked for long. It was a matter of a week or two and I’d cave thinking, “I’ll just have the one”

I Tried Hypnosis

It seemed like it was working a little bit, but I didn’t stop. I didn’t care. I knew I had to not smoke but in the moment I had to have that cigarette.

I Tried Vaping

It wasn’t long before a couple drinks got me a little loose and I asked someone for a cigarette. I was starting to think I just didn’t have the willpower .

Will this program work for me?

This program is based on time tested methods used by Samurai to give them the willpower to kill people and themselves. It doesn’t work for everyone, but for those it does work for, the results are profound.

What if it Doesn't work for me?

If this program doesn’t help for any reason, you can have your money back risk free. Not everyone can use the same psychological principals to get the same results. If you are the rare type of person that doesn’t respond to the advice given then you will receive all of your money back. This is a totally risk free. This is the last money you’re going to spend on your habit. You have nothing to lose.


“ This program came through for me when I thought nothing else would. I am endlessly grateful for the program you put together. Thank you! ”

Adam McCue

My story

I’m no psychologist, neurosurgeon, academic or otherwise. My name is Mike Gittins and I’m a smoker. Or at least I was. I tried for five years to give them up. Some things I tried worked better than others and over the years I put together a list of the things that worked best. I found that what worked had a commonality. They were strategies that conditioned your brain into not having such a strong dependency on cigarettes. They dealt with the physiology and chemistry of your brain and used that knowledge as leverage against the addiction.

Over the course of putting together this program. I’ve helped countless smokers kick the habit for good. I’ve helped people who thought they had no hope left. For all these people I’ve always driven in the point. You have more power than you give yourself credit for…  You Have the Power to Act Now

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.