The Secret to Quitting Smoking Forever has been Unlocked

There’s finally a way that’s guaranteed to put this behind you and stop smoking, REGARDLESS of if you currently lack the will power to do it on your own.

Introducing the Kickstarter

For Donating to the Kickstarter
You Get...

For $10

You get the Complete E Book

This is the study guide for the course. It does include all of the information used in the course so that you can attempt to do it on your own.

For $25

You get one hypnosis tape.

You get the complete E Book.

This is the information along with an example of how to use it on yourself. This is an excellent choice to quit


For $40

You Get access to the complete course.

You get all the tapes.

You get the E Book.

And if you get in early enough you will also get access for a friend so that you have someone to quit with.

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Will this program work for me?

The content has already been created. This program is based on time tested methods used by Samurai, used by cult leaders and used by hypnotists. We can give you the information but we can’t make you use it. When you get access make sure to follow every step. Take every tip. Every last little thing adds up to the most incredible quit smoking program that works with or without medication. It can be used with Nicorette gum or other forms of Nicotine replacement therapy.

How long do I get access for?

This is a lifetime access site. This is not a membership site. A one time payment includes lifetime access to all of the material. A big part of the course is the maintenance portion. This part of the program prevents replapse. This is a key part of the ‘How to Quit Smoking Forever‘ program. This is where we differ from our competitors. While you might be able to quit for a few weeks by chewing the gum, a couple months with a book, or a year with vaping, they don’t work forever. What happens is that the old memories creep in. The cravings don’t stay away and you forget to fight them. You forget to take pride in quitting and you forget to follow through with the program. We will encourage you to set benchmarks and rewards. We will provide you with a maintenance routine. We will guide you through weekly meditation with a quick listen to one of our recordings. You will keep the habit away forever.

Kickstarter open until September 25 - 2019

We are seeking $6500 for the completion of the the program including web development, filming, recording, editing, professional hypnotist fees and PLR material

At every additional $2,000 an additional hypnotist will be hired and if we reach our stretch goal of $16,000 we will be seeking celebrity therapists such as Nasia Davos

My story

I’m no psychologist, neurosurgeon, academic or otherwise. My name is Mike Gittins and I’m a smoker. Or at least I was. I tried for five years to give them up. Some things I tried worked better than others and over the years I put together a list of the things that worked best. I found that what worked had a commonality. They were strategies that conditioned your brain into not having such a strong dependency on cigarettes. They dealt with the physiology and chemistry of your brain and used that knowledge as leverage against the addiction.

Over the course of putting together this program. I’ve helped countless smokers kick the habit for good. I’ve helped people who thought they had no hope left. For all these people I’ve always driven in the point. You have more power than you give yourself credit for…  You Have the Power to Act Now